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IT Support: what does it mean to us and our customers?

You are looking to set up a new office

We can source, set up and offer IT Support for all your basic network hardware, servers, routers and PCs; with cost effective internet services, network cabling and wireless connectivity; set up email which you can access remotely and from your iPhone, and install a backup solution. We can advise on and install all the office software you will need.

You have an existing office

Maybe you have not found a company that can give you the service you want for your IT Support. Maybe you want to see the same faces every visit and have people treat you as humans, not just as another call-out.

You want to know that you have a disaster plan set up and are protected from viruses and outside attacks. We can ensure that your IT runs smoothly while you get on with your core business.

You are looking to expand

You are looking for a partner, who you can work with to grow your IT infrastructure with expert IT Support.

You need more computers, you need to give staff greater access to your network while working from home or you may even be looking to move to new premises. We can help you every step of the way.

You just want to discuss your options

You have ideas about what could benefit your business, you have plans for the future but need to know what technology is out there and what it will cost. We can give you open, honest advice and clearly explain options to help you decide on what IT Support is best for your business.

Live Support

As a 7 days a week business, continuity of our systems is critical and Evolve have never let us down or failed to support us, regardless of the problems that arise.

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